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Happy fall break, Peacocks!

Happy fall break, Peacocks!

Alum Returns to UIU as a Leadership Speaker

Written by Samantha Vorwald

Upper Iowa University started their leadership series by welcoming 1978 UIU alum, Firmo Lopez.  Mr. Lopez spoke in the Liberal Arts Auditorium on Monday, Oct. 6 at 5:00 p.m.  Mr. Lopez shared some memories of his time at Upper Iowa and he talked about the most influential people he encountered through Upper Iowa.  These stories showed how Upper Iowa set him up to be the man he is today.

Firmo Lopez had not set foot on campus since he graduated in 1978.  While at UIU, he played baseball and he was in a the Acacia fraternity.  He grew close to some of the professors and coaches, especially Bill and Jane Prochaska.  Mr. Lopez cannot thank them enough because he described them like family. He shared some fond memories of his time at UIU leading up to his last day at Upper Iowa.  May 20, 1978 is a day he will always remember.  This was the day he graduated with a degree in biology and military science, got married and was assigned to basic duty.

After he graduated, Firmo Lopez was sent to basic duty and by December of 1978, he was already in Germany, close to Nuremburg.  He was a second lieutenant in the United States Army as a jump master.  He jumped from 165 planes total in Egypt, Germany and Honduras.  Overall, he did not share too much of his military history.  Instead, he chose to dwell on the people he met, his proudest moments and he tied everything back to UIU and how it shaped him into the man he is today.

Some of the most prominent people he met were Jesse Owens in 1976, General Omar Bradley in 1978 and Nelson Mandela in 1990 on Mr. Mandela’s first trip to the United States after being released from jail.  Yet, his proudest achievements are his three children.  He raised them to be respectable citizens, to honor their family name and to honor their individual names.  He said, “Always treat somebody like you want to be treated—with respect and dignity.”  He also emphasized that Upper Iowa has a lot of dedicated faculty and staff and he said, “Enjoy your time here at Upper Iowa and get your degree.”  Dr. Bill Duffy, president of UIU, was also in the audience of about 45 people and he wanted to add that it is the students that make Upper Iowa great. 

Firmo Lopez commented that it was going to be hard to get back on the plane in Waterloo because he loved being back on campus.  He thanked his fraternity brothers and the people who brought him back to Upper Iowa and he shared his thanks with the entire Peacock Nation.  He said he was treated very well and he received a warm welcome.  When Mr. Lopez was finished speaking, there was a question and answer session.

Through the questions asked, Mr. Lopez shared that one of the biggest core values he learned was the importance of family.  He was also asked about the biggest change he noticed upon coming back to Upper Iowa to which he said everything.  Students now have book bags, students ride their bikes around campus and the Fayette campus has developed also.  Now, there is Peacock Plaza, the Student Center and the athletics facilities.  Now there are more international students from all over the world.  Upper Iowa has certainly changed, except for one thing.  Mr. Lopez said that the staff and faculty and still just as dedicated as ever.

In the end, Mr. Lopez agreed with the Homecoming theme from the week prior:  UIU is certainly a place where dreams come true.   

Peacocks Stampeded by Mustangs in Strong Fourth Quarter

Written by Ryan Bubulka

The Peacock football team dropped their first game of the season in a stunner against Southwest Minnesota State University. A 14 point fourth quarter helped the Mustangs seal a homecoming victory over the Peacocks on Saturday, Oct. 11 in Marshall, Minn.

The Peacocks lead the game going into the fourth quarter 17-14. They were poised to score again as Cole Jaeschke hit Shay Gutman up the middle for what was thought to be a touchdown. Gutman caught the ball for a first down and then tried to extend the ball over the goal line, but it was knocked away and ruled a fumble. That play just added to the red zone woes for the Peacocks. They had entered the game at a hundred percent in the red zone, but went just 2 for 5 against the Mustangs.

The Mustangs sealed the game with a 98 yard drive in 11 plays that gave them the 28-17 lead. This was not the last of the Peacocks though. They went on to score on the next drive and made the score 28-25. The Peacocks tried to recover an onside kick, but they came up unsuccessful. However, the Peacock defense forced a three and out. The punt from the Mustangs rolled out at the five yard line. The Peacock offense made a valiant effort, but came up short as two incomplete passes and a sack ended the game.  This was the first loss of the season for the Peacocks and it placed them at 5-1 NSIC.

The Peacocks will return home to face the Winona State University Warriors on Saturday, Oct. 18 on Military Appreciation Night. The game is slated to start at 6:00 p.m.  

Personal Safety at UIU becomes a Top Priority

Written by Srijana Bhandari

Upper Iowa University is now giving more attention to safety on campus.  This is the first year that Upper Iowa has organized personal safety classes.  James Tenney is the instructor from Warrior Servant Martial Arts located in both Fayette and West Union.  This year, he has been coming to campus to give lessons in personal safety. Personal safety is a minor part of the campaign for bystander intervention.  Meg Hammes has been working in the field of personal safety within UIU and she has been working to make this campaign known on campus.  She has over 20 years of experience of clinical social work and she is the Director of Counseling Services at UIU.  The message of the bystander intervention campaign is “See something, say something, and stand up.”

The personal safety class is given at UIU to give people knowledge about self-protection from different kinds of misbehavior and misconduct such as sexual violence, domestic violence and relationship violence. Also included are skills and tips to protect oneself from emotional abuse, verbal abuse (threats, insults, constant monitoring or humiliation), stalking (being repeatedly watched, followed or harassed), physical abuse (any intentional use of physical force with the intent to cause fear) and digital abuse (the use of technology such as texting and social networking to bully, harass or intimidate somebody else). Besides the counseling services provided at UIU, different activities are being launched by the university such as workshops related with personal safety.

According Meg Hammes in the year 2012-2013, 17 percent of individuals accessing counseling services reported issues related to dating relationships.  In the year 2013-2014, it increased to 20 percent. This campaign for bystander intervention teaches people in the following ways:

If anyone feels insecure or mistreated by someone, then they should report to the UIU Office of Student Development, the Director of UIU Residence Life Jean Merkle or to Meg Hammes, the director of counseling services.  It can be said that UIU is trying its best to maintain safety for the students, staff, faculty and everybody involved with the Upper Iowa community.  Students can also help out by involving themselves in the campaign for bystander intervention.

Chris Carter Mind Boggles UIU

Written by Prashant Thapa

Chris Carter is a mind reader who can analyse people by reading their body language. In his performance at Upper Iowa University on Monday, Sept. 29, he read people’s minds by observing their behaviour. Then, he was able to explain all of their habits by watching their body language. For his performance, he observed dozens of students in the audience and then revealed pieces and details about them.

Chris Carter did much more than reading the minds of the people. He made predictions about the audience members and they came true down to the last detail. For part of his performance, he called for some volunteers to help him for a demonstration. He identified borrowed objects from the audience members even though his eyes had been sealed shut with duct tape. When an object was held a few feet away in front of his hand, he could judge the objects and he was able to identify what they were.

Chris Carter had a variety of demonstrations.  One part of his show were light bulb illusions.  Audience members held up a light bulb and it would light up without him making contact with the bulb.  For another demonstration, he called up four students and asked them to list favorite things in their life such as a place, a type of food or an animal. When they gave their answer, Chris took a paper from his pocket and let one of the students read it. The student read the paper which listed all of their favorite things they had mentioned.  The key to this demonstration was that Chris Carter never spoke to these students before and the paper already had their favorite things written down even before his performance. Everybody responded with a huge round of applause for him.

Overall, Chris Carter was welcomed by the audience.  He is a popular entertainer and has performed at over 2,500 college campuses.  Upper Iowa students, staff and faculty were able to witness his skill in person and he certainly left the people with something to wonder about.

Saxophonist Performs a New Style for UIU

Written by Prashant Thapa

Saxophonist Matt Corey came to Upper Iowa University on Monday, Oct. 6 to perform a new twist on saxophone for students, staff and faculty. The ballroom was filled with people who wanted to listen to Matt Corey’s performance.

Matt Corey plays all types of music including cultural, rock, jazz and classical tunes.  The stage was decorated with different lighting and musical instruments. When he started, he played different varieties of songs and the audience tapped their feet and flowed to the music. He also played at different rates of speed. Many students stood up and went in front to dance and one of the students even showed a Michael Jackson dance move. There were international students who were unfamiliar with this type of music and they seemed happy for this new experience.

Matt Corey started playing saxophone when he was 12 years old. Since then, he has performed for over 600 universities all over the United States for the last 16 years.  When he finished his show at Upper Iowa, Matt Corey said that he was really glad to come to UIU and to perform in front of all the students. He thanked all the students and Upper Iowa community for giving him the opportunity to show his talent.  He also said that he enjoyed the audience’s support and participation for his show.

Upper Iowa University celebrated Homecoming week from Sunday, Sept. 26 to Sunday, Oct. 5.  There was much to celebrate between all of the friendly competitions and sports game throughout the week.  On Friday night, at the pep rally in Dorman Gym, the 2014 Homecoming king and queen were announced.  Jake Barron and Hailey Brown were this year’s Homecoming king and queen.

Upper Iowa University celebrated Homecoming week from Sunday, Sept. 26 to Sunday, Oct. 5.  There was much to celebrate between all of the friendly competitions and sports game throughout the week.  On Friday night, at the pep rally in Dorman Gym, the 2014 Homecoming king and queen were announced.  Jake Barron and Hailey Brown were this year’s Homecoming king and queen.

UIU Celebrates a Memorable Homecoming Week

Written by Samantha Vorwald

Upper Iowa University celebrated Homecoming week from Sunday, Sept. 28 to Sunday, Oct. 5.  The theme was “UIU: where dreams come true” and throughout the week, there were many events for the students, faculty, staff and alumni on campus to participate in.  There were the chalk drawing and window painting competitions, the Powder Puff football and Rough and Tough volleyball games, a formal dance and then a weekend full of games for the athletics teams.

The Homecoming festivities began on Sunday night, Sept. 28 with Beta Theta Omega’s annual fashion show.  This year’s theme was G.L.O.B.E. and it centered on international fashions.  The show was in the Student Center ballrooms starting at 7:00 p.m.  The festivities continued on Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 28 and 29 when the students hit the town with their paint.  Clubs, organizations and the sports teams were allowed to paint the business windows.  This year, it was also expanded to the Student Center windows on campus.  As every year, this became a competition.  The judging was based on the use of space, colors, how well the theme was presented and the overall creativity and appearance of the window.  Peacock Technology and Gaming club (PTAG) won first place in this competition for the clubs and organizations division.  Gamma Delta Phi won first place in the Greek division.

The next competitions were the Rough and Tough Volleyball game for the men and the Powder Puff game for the women.  The volleyball match was on Tuesday night, Sept. 30 at 6:00 p.m. in the Rec Center.  This game was limited to the first twelve men to sign up.  The winners of the volleyball game were: Kody Butler, Dakota Jones, Owen Abkes, Jason Bishop, Jake Bass and Daniel Rasmussen.  The following evening, the women had their football game.  The Powder Puff game was held outside on the turf at the football stadium.  The game was from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. and the champions of the night were: Taylor Doermann, Tatianna Grayer, Elizabeth Roneker, Hannah Miller, Sydney Michael and Adaeze Neely.  IM Graduate Assistant Daniel Rasmussen was the one to organize these events.  He said, “They went according to plan with no problems at all…I love these events because they are always so much fun.”

Thursday, Oct. 2 proved to be another eventful day with the second annual President’s Ball.  Students, faculty, staff and alumni all gathered in the Student Center Ballrooms for the meal and the dance at 6:00 p.m.  This event was very formal and elegant with everybody wearing ballroom gowns and tuxedos.  One of the most notable speeches of the evening was given by Betty Firth, a member on the Board of Trustees.  She pointed out all the times somebody was told their dreams or ideas could not be done.  But every single time, they reached their goal.  All of those dreams are what make Upper Iowa University what it is today.  Elizabeth Alexander was probably told her dream of establishing a college in Fayette, Iowa was not possible.  However, through generous donations and hours of work, her dream was made a reality.  The rest of Upper Iowa’s history follows the same tradition of beating the odds even up until now when an official cheer squad was formed.

Homecoming week was not over; it had only gotten started.  Friday, Oct. 3 was the day for the sidewalk chalk competition.  The competition was supposed to be on Thursday, but was postponed until Friday due to the rain.  The chalk drawings were judged based on similar standards as the window painting.  Clubs, organizations and wellness classes grabbed chalk and were assigned a portion of sidewalk around Grace Meyer Square.  The drawings were judged based on color, the usage of space, theme and UIU spirit.  This competition was split into three divisions: Clubs, organizations and teams, Greeks, and Wellness Strategies classes.  PTAG once again held first place among the clubs, organizations and teams division.  Kappa Zeta Tau held first place for the Greek Life and the first place for the Wellness Strategies classes went to Dr. Roman Yasinovskyy’s and Storm Schmitt’s class.  On Saturday morning in the cold and wind, the parade ran through Main Street of Fayette.  The winner of the best float was the women’s basketball team.

As the week was full of friendly competitions, the weekend held more competitions for the sports teams.  The volleyball team played host to St. Cloud State on Friday night and won in four sets.  The volleyball team also played #2 University of Minnesota Duluth in Dorman Gym on Saturday afternoon and lost the match in four sets.  The men’s soccer team was on the road all weekend and won against Harding University on Thursday 2-1.  They then played Southern Nazarene University and won again 2-1 on Saturday.  The women’s soccer team had home games this weekend.  They won against the University of Mary on Friday 4-1 and then they played Minot State University on Sunday and won 2-1.  The football team continued to make the fans proud by beating Augustana College 31-25 and improving their record to 5-0 this season.  The Peacock football team has not had a season like this since 1964.

A key part to Homecoming week is the Homecoming court and coronation of the king and queen.  After the volleyball game on Friday night, the pep rally was held in the gym due to the cold and wind.  The cheerleaders excited the crowd and representatives from the sports team shared a little bit about their sports season.  Then the Homecoming court was brought onto the gym floor.  The freshman attendants were Taylor Bjork and Leo Little.  The sophomore attendants were Llani Main and Eddie Conrad and Cody Booker and Savannah Schinto were the junior attendants.  The senior Homecoming court was: Bo Pagel, Jake Barron, Chayz Holt, Tim Rueb, Lucas Hefty, Tara Duran, Whitney Williams, Hailey Brown, Shelby Crist, and Tricia Hanson.  After learning a little bit about each person on the court, President Dr. Bill Duffy dressed as “Duff Man” announced the 2014 Homecoming king and queen.  This year’s Homecoming king and queen were Jake Barron from Novato, Calif. and Hailey Brown from Elroy, Wis.

Overall, the 2014 Homecoming week will mark another page in Upper Iowa’s history.  Amy Tucker, the director of student activities, said, “Homecoming 2014 was a wonderful celebration of spirit and an exciting time to be around campus. I think the student groups did an excellent job with the window painting and sidewalk chalk, especially since the weather did not want to behave some of the days. It’s always great to see students get excited and involved during Homecoming Week!”  Everybody associated with UIU gathered and celebrated the school and all of its dreams that came true.  UIU certainly is a place where dreams come true.

Peacocks Take to the Sky

Written by Gregg Fairley

The Upper Iowa men’s soccer team took to the skies as they flew down to Arkansas and Oklahoma to continue their MIAA conference games against two tricky opponents on Oct. 2 and 4.  The Peacock men’s soccer team played Harding University in Searcy, Ark. and Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Okla.

First up were the Bison of Harding University. The Peacocks were fast out of the blocks and put the Bison under immediate pressure and Mr. Primetime Peacock Johnny McBeth was brought down inside the box and drew a penalty. Up step junior Rhys Williams to continue his penalty scoring streak. However, Williams hit a tame penalty down his left and missed the chance to put the Peacocks one up.

However, with time in the first half winding down, the Bison were awarded with an indirect free kick by the referee. The Bison missed the indirect free kick.  However, the shot that came in after was judged to be blocked on the line by junior Leandro Pena’s arm and a penalty was given. The subsequent penalty was scored and the Peacocks trailed 1-0 going in at halftime.

The second half started with the Bison pressing for a second goal, only for them to hit on the counter starting with Peacock’s point leader and junior Greg Marshall.   Marshall slotted the ball to McBeth who in turn played the ball to Pena who took one touch and, as he was about to be tackled, toe poked the ball beyond the on-rushing goalkeeper and into the back of the net to tie the game up. Pena was on the score sheet again with time winding down. After junior Raphael Pedroso won a 50-50 challenge for the ball, he fed the ball to Pena who, from 20 yards out, smashed a ball into the top right hand corner of the goal. The game ended and the Peacocks put the previous week’s 2-1 overtime loss behind them.

Next up on the road was Southern Nazarene University. The Peacocks never looked out of control as they breezed to a 2-1 away victory. The score line suggests otherwise, however. The Peacocks dominated despite a rough start from sophomore Ryan Pinkerton.

Troy Ewers, junior, scored his second ever collegiate only after 12 minutes when a corner was swung in by Rhys Williams. The score was then doubled as another center back and junior, Sebastian Smith, reacted first to a loose ball in the box and he slotted home his first goal of the season.

The Crimson Storm of SNU defended bravely from then on, only shooting from distance and dropping men deep behind the ball. SNU got a goal back in the 57th minute, but they never troubled the Peacock goal after that.

The Peacocks move to 6-3-1 overall and 3-2 in conference with a pair of MIAA games coming as the Peacocks travel to face Fort Hayes University and Northeastern State on Oct. 9 and 11.

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Peacock Volleyball Splits Two Games Over Homecoming Weekend

Written by Michael Collins

The Upper Iowa volleyball team split their two games over Homecoming weekend. The Peacock volleyball squad kicked off Homecoming weekend on Friday Oct. 3 by defeating St. Cloud State University. The Peacocks definitely came to play against the Huskies of St. Cloud State. Upper Iowa handled the Huskies beating them in only four sets of action. The win over St. Cloud State, improved the Peacocks record at home to 4-1. A potent mixture of kills and solid defense played a major role in the Peacocks four set victory.

The Peacocks were back in action on Saturday, Oct. 4 when they hosted conference powerhouse, the University of Minnesota Duluth. Minnesota Duluth has been seemingly unstoppable this season winning 25 consecutive sets coming into their game against Upper Iowa. UMD was ranked #2 going into this match and had swept every single team they played, except for one, in just three sets.  On Saturday, the Peacocks took the Bulldogs into four sets and though they lost, there was still a certain buzz of excitement. After losing the first set 25-15, Upper Iowa rallied back and did what most teams have found to be impossible: win a set against UMD.  The Peacocks won the second set by a score of 25-18, stunning the highly ranked Bulldogs. Following the shocking win in set two, the Peacocks dropped the third and fourth sets as the Bulldogs took home the victory in Dorman Gymnasium. 

The Peacocks will have their sights set high as they go into their next game against Bemidji State University. The Peacocks will face off against BSU on Friday, Oct. 10 in Bemidji, Minn.